CUBACLE HRM is a complete solution for any kind of organization which can save a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance & payroll calculations. It also saves the efforts and time of HR Department for collecting and reconciling attendance data before the processing of Payroll.

CUBACLE HRM is featuring the state-of-art technology to collect data from multiple sources and track your employees' time and attendance automatically as per the company rules and policies. It communicates with attendance devices through LAN / WAN to fetch employee punches from the device and calculate daily attendance based on day basis or work hour basis. CUBACLE HRM can save the money by automating time tracking, which results in more accurate recording, saves you time manually entering time sheets and prevents timecard disputes derived from keying errors. It gives the administrative tools that help to monitor your staff's attendance and hours, set and modify schedules, forecast staffing needs and more.

CUBACLE HRM help you to solve your company’s attendance related problems and gain - Better control of workforce, Efficient use of human resources, huge savings and support in decision-making process.


Attendance Management

24*7 Shift Management

Leave Management

Payroll management


Attendance Monitoring

To monitor the attendance and movement of employees within their working hours

Employee Attendance Reporting

Cubacle HRM is wise reports that allow management to manage the work.

Shift Management

Replaces the conventional messy paper & files with a easy-to-use online shift

Accurate Payroll Calculations

Time and attendance with greater precision. It saves the time it takes

Leave Management

Integrated the leave management with employee self-service

Enhance Security

Eliminates time fraud incidences,Configurable user rights management

Statutory Compliance Management

CubacleHRM helps to comply with government regulations such as department of Labour,

Email Alert system

Email alert system is one of the key features and gives update information such as

Synchronization of data

Data from LAN, WAN, GPRS is synchronized on a centralized attendance server by retrieving

Integrate with Third Party Applications

CubacleHRM can easily be integrated with any time attendance machine/third party

Wage Protection Systems

CubacleHRM is enabled with the WPS,e-payment of wages scheme which aims of

ID Card Printing

CubacleHRM can be easily integrated with any id card printing machine and this will help

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